On the 6th of June 2023, the fully independent, punk, Leeds Testing Atelier returns at the amazing Wharf Chambers for a day of learning, collaboration and laughs!

Calling All Speakers

We are looking for speakers to help us provide an action packed, one day in-person conference!

What topics are we interested in?

The Atelier welcomes all software development topics, directly testing related or otherwise. Attendees often ask for a range from security to devops to exploratory testing to diversity and inclusion.

What types of session are we looking for?

One-hour workshops, 30-minute track talks, 15-minute lightning talks, games, panels and anything else, we will support you to make it happen.

What spaces are available to speak in?
  • The Bar is downstairs, great for collaboration and relaxed sessions.
  • The Gig Room is downstairs in a lecture style, good for talks.
  • Upstairs there is a large, multipurpose space which suits lecture or workshop style.
  • What about expenses and payments?

    Although most speakers are from the local area, we will pay reasonable travel expenses, train fares or car mileage with a maximum of £25. There is no provision for accommodation, apart from staying at an organisers house. The Atelier does not pay an honorarium for a session.

    Submit an idea!

    For more information on being a speaker at the Leeds Testing Atelier, please have a look at our Speakers Guide, any feedback on the guide is appreciated. We take safety very seriously at the Atelier, striving to provide an inclusive learning environment for speakers, organisers and attendees alike. Please have a look at our Code of Conduct for more information.