On the 21st of April 2020, the fully independent, punk, Leeds Testing Atelier returns at the amazing Wharf Chambers for a day of learning, collaboration and laughs!

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Yong Yuen He

Yong Yuen He

I am a Senior Test Engineer at Booking.com's Transport at Manchester division. I am passionate about Agile and Ways of Working which is my strength as a non-technical tester. I am a Chinese born Finnish citizen who has lived in Manchester for 10 years and don't consider myself settled: I am always looking to travel and learn more which also reflects in my eagerness to develop myself in the Tech world.

Testing Through The Mist of the Twilight Zone

A case study of how changing my team's ways of working on the physical board reshaped how we refined, planned and progressed with our development and embedded all team members and their views throughout the journey.By using the 'Twilight Zone' style of mind mapping our concerns, thoughts and plans into our physical board and removing columns (To DO, DEV, TEST etc) our delivery and quality improved and elements of development were taken out of silos and helped all team members be on the same level. It gave a strong push to test advocacy because the development cycle was seen as something that was considered in every step, not as the last step.